June 3, 2022

Service and Merchandise

"I have been coming to this business for years to purchase as well as to have antique furniture restored. The owner is very knowledgeable and helpful. All repairs both to furniture and upholstery pieces was done perfectly with an eye to detail. I highly recommend this business."
December 23, 2020

"A stunning collection and showroom of furniture and collectibles. Notable themes of Daviddi's antiques include unique clocks, old cars, and lamps but I was most enthralled with the floor-to-ceiling paintings and photographs. (Don't miss them! They can be hard to see behind the dressers, chests, and desks that are all in immaculate condition!)"
December 23, 2020

Kathrin Gassner

"I cannot recommend this business enough! I picked up someone else’s trash… A MCM dresser that was in horrible shape. However, I saw a lot of potential in it as it was solidly built. The Daviddis were very courteous, patient and transparent in helping me explore several options for this piece and they exceeded my expectations with the final result. I will be back with more of my projects."
December 23, 2020

Helen Fulton

"The proprietor was very friendly we stopped in unannounced the sign was lit and the door was open So we looked around the antiques there are amazing as is there price if I needed an antique fixed this is the place"
December 23, 2020

Marlene Brownlee

"Impressive workmanship on upholstery. Fair prices, timely service and courteous personnel. Highly recommend Daviddi for upholstery."
December 23, 2020

Ellen Stern

"Mr. Daviddi, his son, and all other members of their crew, are dedicated, impeccable, and conscientious artisans and craftsmen. They have framed my original mosaic pieces, they cut down the legs of a table that was too tall for me, and they upholstered my friend's chairs. In all cases, they came out splendidly. Mr. Daviddi has even shown me how I could create something on my own, explaining that it was within my capability and that I did not need to pay someone else to get the job done. The huge space they inhabit is also a museum of antique furniture, musical instruments, clocks, books, oddities, name a few. They are so lovely to work with. They give their customers all the time they need so that they each understand what is requested and required. The prices are extremely fair."